6 Benefits of Organic Container Gardening

Benefits of Organic Container Gardening – Organic growing is fast gaining popularity over the past few years due to the believed benefits.  Especially organic container gardening; this is due to the fact that one may have limited or no space at all in their backyard but still would like to grow the things they eat frequently like veggies and herbs. But then what are these believed benefits that come with organic gardening? There are several benefits but did you know about the following?

1. Higher percentage of vitamins and phytochemicals

Organically grown produce are rich in vitamins and phytochemicals; different studies agree with this one. This is due to the naturalness of the organic growing. For instance, there are no pesticides and other chemicals involved. Furthermore, such produce will contain up to 40% more antioxidant than the conventional produce.

2. Organic gardening is cheaper

Unlike conventional gardening, organic container gardening involves less wok and is less expensive.  This is because there is no weeding needed since the container has a small surface area, therefore, weed seeds will not find their way in. Furthermore, there are no equipment and gardening tools required for maintenance saving you money and the whole hassle of maintenance through weeding.

3. There is more variety and versatility

With container gardening, you can grow plants which may not do well in your garden soil and even grow different plants next to each other even though they may have different soil requirements. In addition, this kind of growing also allows you to grow plants anywhere in your compound. Be it the patio, balcony courtyards, indoors in the windowsills in your kitchen.

4.  Flexibility and mobility

Container gardening also gives you the benefit of changing your plants according to the season to suit your tastes. Moreover, plants in a container are portable and mobile, so you can always move them to meet your needs. For instance, if you want them out of the sun you can transfer them to a shady location.

5.  Accessibility

Even more reason to indulge in organic container growing is this, everyone can reach them.  Container growing makes gardening accessible to everyone, whether old or young. The elderly can do it and even children, this is because it is easy to set up and is less involving than the conventional gardening.

6.  Less disease and pest problems

In container organic gardening there are limited disease and pest problems, this is because in the containers somewhere on your patio or verandah, pests cannot get access to your plans. If they do, they can be easily contained. This is possible since you can identify the affected container, isolate it and sort it out without affecting the other plants. But such problems are very rare in organic container gardening.

Not only is this kind of gardening simple to start and maintain but also it is convenient, healthy and the easiest way to garden with little limitations. Ideally, it is no doubt that organic produce tastes way better than the conventional produce. This is since it uses natural means to grow plants in containers. Why wouldn’t you indulge in organic container growing after discovering such advantages?

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