Easy tips to Improve Your Fruit Garden

Easy tips to Improve Your Fruit Garden – It is a very useful thing to clothe the walls of a house or of a walled- in fruit garden with fruit trees and bushes. The result is that it is possible to grow certain types of fruit trees which might not be so successful in the open. Figs, for instance, and vines, are good subjects for walls, as are peaches in the colder districts. Furthermore, by using the walls a greater number of fruit trees can be grown, because they occupy them and yet take up very little garden space.

They don’t go well together from any point of view. Most fruit trees and bushes like being ‘grassed down’ or mulched, and this is the best way to grow them.

By having your own Fruit Plot-you can largely give the trees and bushes the conditions they need. The grass can then be allowed to grow right up to the trunks of the trees in a few years. The writer has a lawn planted up with pillar-trained pears at 10 feet square, and it looks most attractive indeed.

I know a garden whose owner insisted on having apples on each wall; and this meant planting on the south wall James Grieve, Lax- ton’s Superb and Cox’s Orange Pippin; on the north wall Beauty of Bath and Tydeman’s Early Worcester; on the east wall Ellison’s Orange, Sunset, and Tydeman’s Late Cox, and on the west wall Fortune, Winston, Pearl and Cox’s Orange Pippin.

The nuisance of growing apples on walls is that they are apt to get red spider rather badly, and to prevent this it is necessary to syringe the under surfaces of the leaves regularly, with plenty of water.

The alternative is to plant two or three dessert apples or pears, in the lawn, giving them plenty of room, but training them pyramid fashion.

Simple tips to improve your fruit garden


Trees need to be trimmed back in order for them to continue to grow and to be healthy. Even if you don’t want your tree to be larger, if it has dead branches still attached to it then the disease that killed those branches can easily spread through the rest of the tree can actually kill the tree and before long you don’t just have an overgrown tree in your garden, you have a dead tree, which is not only an eyesore but also extremely creepy to look out your living room windows at: not to be recommended.

Better Light

If you have trees near your windows that are badly overgrown then even if you don’t venture out into your garden too often then there are very tangible benefits to looking after them and making sure you cut those branches back. With the branches and leaves removed you will have a lot more light coming into your living room or kitchen, making it a much more pleasant place to spend your time. And, of course, if you do like going outside then you’ll be able to see more of the nature that resides within those trees if they are carefully maintained.

Get Fruit From Your Trees

Got an apple or plumb tree in your back garden – or indeed any tree that could yield fruit? If you don’t look after that tree then the chances are that you’re not getting too much in the way of fruit from it, fruit which you can then take inside and consume either directly or in something like a pie. You will need to do a little bit of research into the best pruning methods for your particular type of tree – or hire a tree surgeon – but when you taste the fruit that you have grown yourself that fruit will be all the sweeter to you.

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