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In recent years vertical gardening has become quite trendy. However, it has also caused a permanent shift in the way gardening is viewed. It of course makes sense to use vertical plants for people who have a limited amount of horizontal space, as well as condo owners and apartment dwellers. Even people who have large properties still can benefit from creative and new ideas to take their gardens to new heights.

vertical gardenSince many people view herbs and vegetables as perfectly belonging in straight garden rows, visualizing more creative approaches when it comes to planting them can be difficult. The following are some new vertical gardening ideas that you can consider trying.

Build a trellis

You can use hardware cloth and sturdy materials such as 2 x 4’s to make trellises for your vining and climbing plants. That will not only make it easier to harvest your plants, but also give herbs and vegetables more room, since they have a tendency to clump or bush. Green beans, peas, cucumbers, summer squash and small pumpkins all love to climb up a trellis, and maintaining and harvesting them will be a lot easier when the long vines are raised up off of the ground.

Vertical gardening using cinderblocks

Mot likely you have seen planters made out of items such as wooden pallets, rain gutters and cinderblocks. These items are available in home improvement stores, and they make very creative and unusual vertical planters. When planting edibles, just make sure you only use clean, new cinderblocks that are lined with plastic (drainage holes punched in the bottom) and wooden pallets that aren’t treated with chemicals.

Vertical gardening using hanging baskets

Hanging small containers in places where you would like to have a vertical splash of color or interest. Combine herbs and lettuce with colorful annual flowers to create both a bold and edible planting.

Vertical gardening using a hayrack planter

Anyone can try vertical gardening that has a porch railing, deck or balcony. Line a hayrack planter using either cocoa fiber or planter moss and hang it up, to give your self a small herb garden. Small herbs such as mint, parsley, thyme and chives are an excellent choice. You can also add in some annuals if you want.

Vertical gardening using pocket planters

Self-watering pockets enable you to grow on practically any type of vertical surface. A majority of them are made out of heavy-duty felt, wood or plastic and are ideal for herbs, smaller fruit bushes (like berries) and small and medium vegetables plants.

Vertical gardening using a utility rack

Do you have an old shoe or utility rack that you aren’t using? Use moss to line the shelves and then plant all the vegetables and herbs that you want on it! Either mount the rack or lean it against an outer wall. Here is a watering tip for you: moss drains quite fast, so many gardeners become frustrated in their attempts to keep their plants hydrated properly. To solve this problem, add a layer of plastic below the moss with drainage holes in it.

Vertical gardening using a feed sack

Frequently animal feed is sold in colorful, large plastic bags that potentially could also be works of art. You can make a very unique planter out of one of these by adding drainage holes on the bottom of the sack,and then cutting handles in the top to hang by. Then just add potting soil and your favorite plants. This is the best form of recycling of all!

Vertical gardening using an upside down bucket planter

I’m sure you have seen tomato planters that they advertise on television where tomatoes are grown upside down. However, for a couple of dollars you can make your own to get started with vertical gardening. Begin with a clean, new 5-gallon bucket. Then cut out a circle in the bottom using a utility knife that is just large enough to put a small-sized determinate tomato plant through it. Add a couple of small holes for drainage. Next fill it up with potting soil and then hang your bucket in a sunny spot.

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