Going Herbal for Dry Skin

Going Herbal for Dry Skin – Dry skin tends to have flaky patches and chaps easily. It is caused by lack of sufficient moisture and oil on skin. The skin becomes fine-textured, with small pores, and can feel tight when you cleanse. Dry skin is prone to premature aging with the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This type of skin is vulnerable to itching and irritation.

There are natural herbal treatments and remedies which can make the skin soft and smooth. Massaging the body with herbal oil can be used as treatment for the dry skin. Oil massages can make aging symptoms appear late. The skin also becomes soft, and smooth. After an oil massage, the skin looks fresh and healthy with a glow. A healthy skin becomes resistant to diseases as well. A massage also makes the body and mind relaxed making the body rejuvenated.

There are different herbal massage oils readily available for use. You can choose whatever scent and ingredient you like. Some herbal massage oils contain ingredients that can penetrate through skin pores. The oil traps the moisture inside the skin and the herbs soften and smooths the skin.

The skin’s moisture level can be increased by supplying moisture externally. A good moisturizer is the best way of providing moisture to the skin externally. Put moisturizing lotion all over the body at least twice daily. Some moisturizers contain aloe vera that is good for the skin. Aloe vera has an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and restorative properties. Olive oil and aloe vera make a good combination for skin rejuvenation.

Anti-oxidants when consumed daily can enhance the skin’s texture. Herbal anti- oxidants in tablet form are readily available. The herbal tablets can rid the body of toxins and thus giving the skin a natural glow from within.

If you are not comfortable using natural or herbal products, then there are other moisturizers and skin care products can yield the same effects.

Hygiene is essential in caring for dry skin. If your skin feels tight after washing with soap, try using a gentle soap or a non-soap cleanser. A good moisturizer can be used especially on the very dry areas. Use a heavier moisturizer at night since the skin is at rest and can retain as much moisture. Avoid using alcohol-based products because they can cause too much drying. Never forget to apply sunscreen when going outdoors since the suns damaging rays can’t be disregarded in today’s world.


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