How to Bake Perfect Butter Cookies?

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How to Bake Perfect Butter Cookies? – Any homemade snacks have an extra taste and flavor to the ones bought from outside. Butter cookies are very easy to make and a hot favorite among the kids. A truly great cook or an experienced one has a customized recipe for special dishes. For novices, it is better to follow the recipes or try baking a batch of cookies and then improvise according to the outcome of the tried batch. Making butter cookies does not need much expertise as it is a common dish made at homes.

It brings some sweet memories to people as this snack has been the traditional dish made for kids who like noshing from time immemorial! In some countries, they are addressed as Dutch biscuits. They are made in many shapes and forms according to the individual preferences.

The main ingredients constitute of unsalted or ordinary butter, powdered and sugar granules for decoration, and white flour or the self raising flour got in the markets. Vanilla or chocolate essence or cream is used for giving added flavors. Egg yolk and salt is added to the batter and whipped to a correct consistency.Firstly, the oven should be preheated to the necessary temperature so that the cookies are properly baked.

This is very important and care should be taken to see that the dough is chilled in a refrigerator for some time. This helps to prevent the cookies from spreading out or getting disfigured in the tray. The baking trays should also be cooled before placing the cookies on them for baking.

The butter or its substitute Crisco should be taken in a round mixing vessel and stirred using a little salt. Next, the powdered sugar should be added to the butter and whipped well. When this is ready, 6 eggs should be added one by one to this mixture and whipped well. After this, the self rising flour is added in periodic intervals until it is mixed well and forms to a good consistency dough. This is then arranged in the tray and baked to the necessary temperature mentioned in the recipe. Tasty, buttery and delicious home made butter cookies are baked within a matter of minutes.

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