How to plant strawberries and maintain them well

How to plant strawberries – Both novice and experienced gardeners can grow strawberries in their gardens. This plant can be grown in a variety of soils, including heavy clay and light sand. Strawberry plants can be planted between June and September. For best results, plant the strawberries in an open area that has ample sunlight throughout the day. If you are ready to begin growing strawberries in your garden, continue reading to find the best tips on how to care for and grow strawberries.

Preparing the Area

Before planting season arrives, you need to till the soil and remove all weeds. Add manure to the soil and till into the soil to ensure your berries will receive the nutrients that you need. Set your rows approximately 75 cm apart. Strawberries should be planted approximately 35 cm apart. Once your plants are in the ground, water well and protect the plants from birds and other wildlife that will eat the fruits.

Weeding the Strawberry Bed

Regularly hoe between the plants and rows to help control weeds as weeds can rob the soil of the nutrients that it needs to feed the plants.

Mulching the Strawberry Bed

In late April or early May, place a layer of straw under the strawberry plants. This helps prevent weeds from growing. Additionally, the straw allows airflow which helps prevent fruit from rotting like they do when they lay on the soil. Opt for barley straw, if possible as it is soft and more pliable than other types of straw.

Container Grown Strawberries

If you live in an apartment or do not have the space for a strawberry bed, you can grow delicious strawberries in a container. Typically, you can plant five or six strawberry plants in a container. The container must be watered every day during the growing season. Additionally, after the strawberries have bloomed, feed the strawberries a potassium rich fertilizer like tomato feed. Typically, container grown strawberry plants will overwinter; however, many gardeners say that replanting with new plants produces a larger crop.

Harvesting Your Strawberries

Strawberries are delicate and prone to rot; therefore, it is recommended that the strawberries are harvest as soon as they mature. In addition to preventing rot, it will decrease the risk of disease and pests. While your berries are ripening, check them daily and collect any red fruits. Different varieties of strawberries will be various shades of red. When you pick your strawberries, break off the stem and allow it to remain on the fruit.

After Harvest Care

Once the season is finished, remove the mulch around the plants. Clip the older leaves while leaving any new leaves. Doing this will allow sunlight to reach the crown of the strawberry plant so that you will experience a greater harvest the following year.

As you can see, caring for and growing strawberries is not difficult. Follow the instructions from this article to help you grow a bounty of delicious strawberries every year.

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