Organic Garden Seeds Are the world of wealth

Organic Garden Seeds – History can provide a number of examples of seeds being the most valuable commodity on earth, worth much more than their weight in gold.  Numerous experts are saying that we could see that again, possibly soon.  One of the smartest things a person can do for herself and her family is to always keep a supply of organic garden seeds on hand, to assure survival through a time of emergency.

The great thing is, you don’t have to save them all for a rainy day. You can start your own organic garden right away. The more you can do to become independent from the corporate globalist government structure, the more freedom you will have in your life. Why not be responsible for a portion of your family’s food needs? There is no better way to move toward a self sufficient lifestyle.

Why organic gardening?

Take a good look at everything that has been going on all around us. The economy is coming undone. Banks are getting massive bailouts, further indebting the people for generations
to come. There are millions of jobs disappearing, moving to third world nations. People are losing their homes in epidemic proportions. Can the warning signals possibly get any clearer? Now is the time for us to take care of ourselves and watch out for each other. It has become abundantly clear that governments and corporations do not represent our interests. Quite the opposite is true.

Help to reserve uncertain future

Growing your own nutritious and healing foods, plus keeping a supply of seeds on reserve for an uncertain future, just makes of sense; both, on an analytical level, as well as an intuitive one. It feels right.

Anyone who has ever had a garden already is well aware of the indescribable contentment that comes from being connected with nature. It’s a kind of spiritual experience that centers you and lets you know that the real riches in life go well beyond obsessive needs to acquire material goods. It also happens to provide an incredible bonding opportunity for the family.

It is a great example to give to your children or even your grandchildren. What better lesson could they ever learn? You know from your own life that what they are learning in school is a bunch of
facts that will have relatively very little actual value for them in terms of going about their day to day existence. Compare that with them learning how to feed themselves and their future families. Now that is something of tremendous practical value that can serve them long after you are gone.

Why organic food is unbelievably healthy

Food that has been naturally grown (pesticide free), from organic garden seeds, tastes out of this world. Plus the level of nutrition is unbelievably healthy. A family that eats natural foods has the best insurance policy in the world. Healthy families are much more likely to be able to stay away from doctors, who are always looking for a way to get people to take their toxic drugs. If you want
to have an eye opening experience, do some Google searches. One topic should be on the dangers of pharmaceutical drugs, and another topic should be on the health benefits of eating organic natural foods.

Heritage Garden Seeds

Heritage garden seeds are organically grown seeds from old, non-hybridized varieties of plants. Hybridized varieties of plants have been developed to produce specific qualities, which generally enhance the characteristics of the plant. Hybridized produce may be larger, juicier, more colorful, more flavorful, and more insect-resistant or may have a longer shelf-life than the original varieties of the plant. Hybridization is an ancient agricultural practice, and it has produced many wonderful plant varieties.

Hybridization does have some problems, though. The biggest problem is that you can’t save the seed from hybrids, because they don’t breed predictably. Growing plants from hybrid organic garden seed often has unpredictable results the growing plants could have any mix of characteristics from the parent plants, but won’t have the characteristics of the hybrid.

Another problem with hybridization is that we are in danger of losing some varieties of plants. If the plants fail to develop certain characteristics, they aren’t grown. And the genetic stock becomes lost. Nearly all of the organic garden seeds available in many are hybridized seeds. If the parent stock is lost, we may not have a source of new seed.

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