The Best Pallet Gardening Tips & Practical Ideas

The fact that pallets are quite easy to acquire doesn’t mean that pallet gardening is a simple task for every common Joe. Just like all other taxing farming projects out there, a huge deal of effort is required for one to come up with a remarkably productive little farm of this kind. Since the average gardener doesn’t seem to fully understand how to successfully cultivate pallet-based crops, this article briefly highlights a few guidelines for inexperienced growers. Continue reading to discover some top 5 pallet garden tips and ideas.

1. Go for Heat-Treated Wood

Although you may personally think that chemically treated pallets are better than heat-treated ones, top-ranking gardening pros advise farmers to choose the latter. This is an especially prudent tip for indoor growers. As such, you’re supposed to check out for a HT(heat treated) stamp on the pallets prior to acquiring them for your small-scale farming endeavors. All the same, this worthy suggestion doesn’t render chemically treated wood utterly useless for your in-home growing venture. You may use the less recommended options if you honestly can’t access better pallets.

2. Choose Vertical Gardens

While you have many design options, it’s advisable to opt for vertical gardens. Vertically set-up pallets have a number of advantages over other outlooks such as horizontal ones. For instance, this arrangement takes up less space. Subsequently, people who have small farming space may embrace this great approach in order to make the most of the available gardening area. Additionally, vertical pallet gardens leave adequate space for optimal plant development.

3. Use Adequate Soil Amounts

Depending on the specific demands of the plants you want to cultivate, you ought to make sure that you come up with the right soil depth. Ensure that the crop’s soil depth requirements are satisfactorily taken care of to avoid possible withering or yellowing. By the same token, it’s also advisable to put enough amounts of water as regularly as your crops need it. Consider the prospect of consulting accomplished horticultural specialists in case you can’t personally figure out the exact soil depth and water stipulations for the crops you want to cultivate.

4.Painting Insights

Similarly, pallets may be used as they are or painted for sheer aesthetic purposes. Although coloring the wood isn’t a compulsory tip, it helps achieve a desirable appearance. As you do the painting, pick well-matched shades that go well with the natural hues of your species. For instance, come up with eye-catching contrasts that bolster the overall appeal of the garden plus the surrounding areas.

However, this idea chiefly applies to flower gardens. If your crops consist of other varieties such as vegetables, it’s not necessary to incur added expenses coloring the pallets. Nonetheless, you might personally choose to color any unsightly wooden pieces salvaged from dirty areas so as to hide visible blemishes.

5. Consider Hiring Gardening Specialists

Using pallets as a space-saving farming platform doesn’t negate all the normal farming principles and guidelines. Since you might not know one small thing or another about particular plants, it’s wise to enlist expert opinions. Working together with a qualified specialist from the very outset cushions you against eleventh-hour disappointments that might ruin all your commendable efforts.

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